a component of the

Done4U Automated Team Builder

All Associate Members are reminded to subscribe to the Done4U Automated Team Builder.


 • Text Message and email campaigns

 • State-of-the-Art Opt-in system

 • Auto-Responder

 • Social Media Campaign Management

 • Google My Business profile

 • Blogging from Google My Business

 • Business listing on Google Maps

 • YouTube Advertising Campaigns (up to $1,000/mo)

 • FMH replicated website

 • Dedicated phone extension number

 • Live Operators to follow up on your customers

The Home-Office at now creates and manages Social Media Accounts on behalf and for the benefit of all its active Associate Members.

The Home-Office, therefore creates trending content in the form of Articles, Digital Images, Videos, and Blogs related to, its mission and purpose.

News and updates will be consistently posted about FundMyHome on topics related to our products and services, plus news and updates about the industries in which we operate.

For quality control, and to avoid controversy related to lifestyles and/or personal opinions, to stay neutral, and maintain a professional image, rather than posting from your existing personal accounts, we will post from your own brand new Business Accounts

As such, the Home-Office is to create these new Social Media accounts for you.

This also ensures that promotions for do not get commingled with postings related to other business ventures



To enable the Home-Office to create these Social Media accts, we require of each Associate Member to create a new Gmail address, and provide the home office with the username and passwords of these new Gmail addresses

Create your new Gmail address

Combine the Prefix of your FundMyHome URL with your Member ID# when creating your new Gmail Address

Example for your new Gmail address:

New password:
Make sure to use SMCM2022$ as your password

Do not enter a recovery email


 • Your Associate Member ID#

 • A picture of a Utility Bill (proof of address)

 • Your new Gmail Address

 • Your new password

 • A Head Picture of yourself

We want to project you as a prosperous, vibrant individual that can inspire the trust of those who follow you, therefore, send a proper fitting picture of yourself on either a white or neutral background, or a business setting, preferably a white or neutral background

Do not send logos or avatars, just a picture of yourself

Do not send pictures of yourself camping, hiking, hunting, or conducting any type of interesting activities


 • To recognize customer calls, and calls from the Home-Office, Associate Members save the following FMH numbers as contacts in their mobile phones.
 • (888) 386-3694
 • (561) 208-1846
 • (617) 675-4444

Follow the link below to schedule an appointment to complete your account setup with the Home-Office

You will not receive a phone call from the Home-Office at the time of your meeting. You must join the online screen-share session through the Confirmation email sent by Calendly. Join the meeting from your smartphone


Setup Call

We want you to like, share, subscribe and follow your new Social Media Accounts, which helps create high relevance to your new accounts, as well as helps you stay informed of what topics are being posted on your behalf

As such, at the time of your appointment, once your setup is complete, the Home-Office will instruct you to follow specific links necessary to like, share, subscribe and follow your new Social Media accounts

This call is neither an Orientation nor a Customer Service call, it is strictly a setup call to configure components of your Done4U Automated Team Builder. Other matters can be addressed on separate calls

After scheduling the online screenshare session on our calendar, each Associate Member is to join G-meet through the link provided by our calendar (we require joining from Smartphones)

During these setup calls, our Support Team (ST) follows the steps below:

 • Email is one of the ways in which the Home-Office communicates with its Members, therefore it is necessary that all all Associates configure their email managers to accept as a trusted sender

 • The ST sends a "test email" to the Associate and assists the Associate in making a trusted sender.

 • GrassHopper is a softphone application needed by Associate Members to make and receive calls from their customers. It is Free of charge to Associates. This acct is not a Free Trial, it is paid for by the Home-Office

 • Prior to the call, the Home-Office is to configure the Grasshopper account for the Associate, including the Extension Number, the username (the Associate's email address of record with FMH), and recorded a personalized greetings for the voicemail system

Your account will be completely set up before your call, so disregard email messages from Grasshopper saying otherwise.

 • The ST is to have GRASSHOPPER opened to receive text messages from the Associate Members

 • The Associate Member text messages the following items to (561) 208-1846
 • A Head Shot Picture
 • Prove of address (Utility Bill)
 • New Gmail address and password

 • After the completion of this call, the Associate follows the link below to download GrassHopper

 • At the sign-page, the Associate enters their username (the Associate's original email address of record with FundMyHome)

 • The Associate clicks on "FORGOT PASSWORD" to access the GrassHopper account

 • The Associate follows the link below to subscribe to our corpoate YouTube channel  • The ST confirms that the Associates have subscribed to our YouTube channel

 • The Associates text message to (561) 208-1846 photos of their utility bills showing their physical addresses

 • The ST registers said addresses as Business Locations of FMH, with the names being (FundMyHome Org: Mrs Jones)

 • The Associates remain on the lookout for their Google Maps Verification Codes

 • The Google Maps Verification codes arrive within 5 days by Postcard via the United States Postal Service

 • Upon their receipt, the Associates send via text message, the Front and Back pictures of their Google Postcards, displaying their name, address, and verification code to (561) 208-1846

The ST is to be in possession of the image, video and Primary Text that will be used to publish the Associate's first post

The ST is to be in possession of the Associate's ID# and link to the Associate's individual Opt-in system

 • Associates open their Facebook application to create a new account via their smartphone:

 • Click on "create a new Facebook account"

 • Type Full Name

 • Enter Date of Birth

 • Select Gender

 • Type phone number

 • Enter new email address (

 • Type password (SMCM2022$)

 • Finish sign-up

Facebook may or may text a confirmation code to the Associate Member, which code must be entered in the corresponding field to complete the registration

After the new Facebook account is created, the ST:
 • sets up the Associate’s Facebook Business Page
 • adds their new FMH-Gmail address to the acct
 • Publishes the Associate's first post

Each new Business page is named as xxx xxx with xxxx xxxx being the First and Last Name of the Associate Member.

Every FB Business page contains the following details

 • FMH Banner

 • Associate’s photograph (professional headshot)

 • Associate's optin link (

 • email address (

 • Corporate Office phone number (888) 386-3694 with an extension number specifically assigned to each Associate

Associates proceed to LIKE and FOLLOW their new Facebook Business Pages directly from their own personal FB accounts to receive notifications every time posts on their Facebook Business Pages

 • Associates login to their personal FB accounts from their smartphones

 • Associates search the name of their new Facebook Business Page

 • Click the LIKE button

 • Navigate the FB Business Page and click FOLLOW

The Associate clicks the link below to LIKE, and FOLLOW our Facebook Corporate page to receive periodic Corporate Updates and Invitations to our Live Streams and Business Opportunity Calls

The ST assists the Associates with the creation of their new Instagram accounts (this process to be performed from Associate's smartphones).

Associates open their Instagram apps via their smartphones, they make sure to log out from their personal accounts, then click on Sign-up, to create a new account following the steps bellow

 • Click on "Create a new Instagram acct"

 • Type Full Name

 • Enter Date of Birth

 • Select Gender

 • Type phone number

 • Enter new email address (

 • Type password (SMCM2022$)

 • Finish sign-up

Instagram may or may not email a confirmation code, which must be entered in the corresponding field to complete registration (step to be performed by ST)

These new Instagram profiles are named xxx xxx with xxx xxx being the First and Last Name of the Associate Member

Every Instagram acc includes the following details

 • FMH Banner

 • Associate’s photograph (professional headshot)

 • Associate’s optin link (

 • Email address (

 • Corporate Office phone number (888) 386-3694 with an extension number specifically assigned to each Associate

Associates proceed to LIKE and FOLLOW their new Instagram Pages directly from their personal Instagram accounts to receive notifications every time posts on their new Instagram Pages.

 • Log in to your personal Instagram account

 • Enter NEW Instagram profile name in the search tool

 • Navigate the new Instagram page

 • Click the LIKE – FOLLOW button

 • Click on the BELL icon to turn on notifications

The Associate clicks the link below to LIKE and FOLLOW our instagram Corporate page to receive periodic Corporate Updates and Invitations to our Live Streams and Business Opportunity calls

The ST confirms that the Associates have:

 • Liked-Followed the FMH FB/Instagram accts

 • Liked-Followed their FB/Instagram pages

 • Liked & subscribed to our YouTube channel

ST also confirms to have advised the Associates to:
 • Like, share, react and comment every time FMH posts on YouTube, FB, or Instagram

 • Always keep their FB, Instagram, and Grasshopper applications opened on their smart phones

 • Expect to receive phone calls on Grasshopper from prospects interested in

 • Expect to receive Corporate Updates sent through FB, Instagram, and YouTube

 • Missed calls by the Associates are answered by the Home-Office

 • Missed calls by the Home-Office are sent to voicemail

 • The ST confirms to have linked Facebook to Instagram

***** FOUNDERS *****

We seek your creativity, we want your suggestions on how to strongly convey in a YouTube video our intent to:

 •  Reinburse each Associate for their $500 expenditure on YouTube when they remain an Active member for 6 months

 • Pay for their continuing monthly cost of advertising on YouTube (up to $1,000.00 / month)

 • Pay $500.00 in commission overrides when new members pay $500.00 to kick start their YouTube Advertising campaings.

As an example, for our thumbnail, we could use words like: "Need big money now, fast and easy?

Below is the basic script
please email your suggestions to the script below:

"Are you looking for a well established, lucrative, and Personally Rewarding, Business Opportunity that pays big money fast and easy?

Well, you have just found it. We are a Non-Profit Organization, operating as a Network Marketing Company, providing homeownership opportunities since 2017.

We donate the funds you need, for Down Payment and Closing Costs. Our grants, are non-repayable, they have no income limits, and there is never an Application or Broker fee.

Our vision and purpose is to help 1 million families achieve the American Dream, by definition, homeownership.

Click the link below, and join us on our housing movement. (first call to action)

The American dream is also entrepreneurship. We provide our Members, the ability to get paid in some of the most lucrative industries in the world:
Real Estate. Mortgages. Down Payment Assistance, and coming soon, automated online stores.

We pay $3,200 per transaction, down to eight levels of overrides, for marketing our Down Payment Assistance Grants program, and $32,000 for commercial Real Estate.

No experience necessary, No Mortgage or Real Estate License needed, it's all automated for you.

There is nothing for you to learn, or complicated systems to operate, our company even provides you with FREE LEADS FOR LIFE. Yes, Free Leads for Life.

And to help you build your teams and grow your business, we text message, and email your leads for you, from our own CRM system in what we call, DONE FOR YOU AUTOMATED TEAM BUILDER.

We create, post and manage every aspect of your Social Media Campaigns.

What's more, our live operators follow up on your leads, to help you convert them into new customers and Associate members.

Click below for more information about our great cause and company. (second call to action)

Here is what some of our happy customers have to say. (30 seconds of testimonials)

Contact us for a demonstration of our business opportunity and compensation plan. (third call to action)"