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You can now help our Realtors sell homes !! now offers its Associates a great new colossal market. In addition to earning marketing fees for marketing our Homebuyer's Down-Payment Assistance Grant Program, our Associate Members can now earn Marketing Fees when they market friends and family to list their homes for sale with our Preferred Realtors

Associate Members can now earn $750.00 Marketing Fees when they personally sponsor homeowners to sell their homes through our Preferred Realtors, plus share in $2,450.00 per transaction in Team Overrides.

This arrangement presents our Associates with a good reason to solicit FOR SALE-BY-OWNERS who due to high listing costs are typically reluctant to hire the professional services of Real Estate Brokerage Firms.

Did you know that after everything is said and done, about 97% of all For Sale-By-Owners get tired of selling their homes on their own and end up listing their homes for sale with a Broker?


*** LOWER COST: Homeowners can now pay what would have been a 6.000% listing Fee as a Tax Deductible Donation to
        our 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Therefore, after the typical Tax Deduction Credit, our homeowners' approximate
        cost to list and market their homes for sale could potentially be reduced to $0.00 is not a Tax Adviser, as such this information is not to be construed as accurate or as Tax Advice.
        Please check with your Accountant or Tax Preparer.

*** SELL FASTER: These listings are likely to sell faster as they are exposed to more local Homebuyers and Realtors seeking
        First-Time Homebuyer Down-Payment Assistance Grants for themselves or their Buyers. Through its network and social
        media outlets, can announce and market these listings directly to local Homebuyers and Realtors,

*** NO SELLER CONCESSIONS: Since offers Homebuyers Non-Repayable Grants for Down Payment
        and Closing Costs, our Sellers typically won't need to contribute their hard earned money towards Buyer's Closing
        Costs, thus our Sellers net more money for themselves.

*** FULL ASKING PRICE OFFERS: Our Sellers are more likely to get full asking price offers for their homes since our
        Homebuyers won't have a need to bargain for price or closing costs.

*** FEEL GOOD: Our Sellers can contribute to our great cause and company and feel a sense of joy when they help new
        families achieve the American Dream.