Down Payment Assistance
for 1-4 Unit
Owner Occupied
Residential Properties
pays up to $3,200.00 per transaction
for sharing our No Income Limit
Down-Payment Assistance Grants

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(Compensation Plan)

No Income Limit, Non-Repayable Down Payment Assistance Grants, Our Associate Members earn $750.00 in Marketing Fees when their Personally Sponsored Homebuyers Receive Down Payment Assistance from, plus share in $2,450.00 in Team Overrides.

No Real Estate or Mortgage License Needed, does not pay Real Estate or Mortgage Commissions; pays Marketing Fees to its Associate Members for promoting its Down Payment Assistance Grants to friends and family, compensation is earned on clear to close, pays the same amount, at the same time, and compensation is never linked to a purchase price or percentile.

We are proud of our common sense - NO INCOME LIMIT Homebuyer Down-Payment Assistance Grants program, which is not limited to First-time homebuyers and does not limit the combined household income of home buyers to be less than 80% of their Area Median Household Income. provides Qualified Homebuyers up to $48,000.00 for Down Payment and Closing Costs. Our goal is to bring Homebuyers to Close with ZERO or little out of pocket. Homebuyers must use's Preferred Lenders and Realtors as a condition to receive Down Payment Assistance.

Unlike, most States, Counties and City programs working with grants for FHA, VA, USDA or Conventional loans require that Homebuyers earn less than 80% of their Area Median Household Income as a condition to receive Down-Payment Assistance Grants to purchase their homes.

We believe that income limit requirements reduces the Homebuyers' probabilities of becoming homeowners: such inadequate requirement coupled with High Consumer Debt (Credit Cards, Student Loans, etc.) and today's Highly Priced homes reduces the Homebuyer's probabilities of obtaining HUD approved FHA or conventional Mortgage Loans from Banks or Lenders.

Instead, we are proud to say that our - NO INCOME LIMIT Homebuyer's Down-Payment Assistance Grant Program results in higher probabilities of Homeownership.

You can build a team of Associate Members under you at to help your homebuyers achieve their homeownership goals. pays you for your personal production and overrides from the production of your team.

Personally Sponsoring New Associate Members is one of the only 2 necessary qualifiers needed to receive overrides. The second qualifier needed to receive overrides is the successful completion of at least one personally sponsored Down Payment Assistance Transaction per year.

In addition to the $750.00 paid on each personally sponsored transaction, Associate Members share in $2,450.00 in Team Overrides paid down to eight levels of overrides. Payroll is paid weekly.

$500.00 in the 1st level of overrides,
$450.00 in the 2nd level,
$400.00 in the 3rd level,
$350.00 in the 4th level,
$300.00 in the 5th level,
$250.00 in the 6th level,
$150.00 in the 7th level,
$50.00 in the 8th level.

Having one or more Personally Sponsored Associate Members active in your 1st level qualifies you to receive 1st level overrides, having one or more Associate Members active in your 2nd level qualifies you to receive 2nd level overrides, and so on down to eight levels.

 • No Need to Process Transactions
 • No Need to collect documentation
 • No Need to collect Fees
 • No Application of Broker Fees

As an Enrolling Sponsor, you the Associate Member market our Housing Movement, and make sure that your Homebuyers register and obtain their Customer ID # on your FMH website, which then follows your Genealogy.

Your FMH support team takes it from there using our Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). We at like to say that Our Associate Members do the Talk and does the Walk. It could not be any easier to earn Marketing Fess at

You and your Homebuyers get access to our Online Customer CRM for updates from our Home Office, Lenders, Realtors, etc. will not sale your information to third party companies, it is in collaboration with our 501(c)(3) who will Donate all or part of your Down Payment Assistance.

Down Payment Assistance is provided for the purchase of Owner Occupied
Single Family Residences

NOTICE: Associate Members are strictly prohibited from asking or receiving money or documents from their prospects. Violation of this rule can result in immediate termination.