Business Credit Development
BCD Syndicate

Are you opening or running a business and are in need of creating Business Credit?'s BCD Syndicate program can help you obtain Business Credit for your new or existing Corporation(s).

FMH in collaboration with C4BC acting as our transaction coordinator is there to assist you in obtaining the funds you need to run your business.

The cost of enrollment is $3,750.00 and is backed by's 100% money backed guarantee. will gladly refund your enrollment fee should you not obtain $100,000.00 to $150,000.00 in business credit through the services of our BCD Syndicate. Some conditions apply.

Additionally, and without obligation, you may use some or all of the Business Credit Funding you receive to participate as a Member of's Real Estate Investment Club knowns that every enterprise needs certain Business Essentials in order to successfully operate and build a solid business profile.
A solid Business profile is needed to establish your Business Credibility and begin building your Business Credit through our innovative Business Credit Development Syndicate Software commonly known as BCD.

As such, we at offer you our important and cost effective Business Essentials Solutions package designed to help you build your company's presence and credibility.

These Essentials include some of the required items listed on our BCD Syndicate software, and because you will need these items sooner than later, for your convenience, we have packaged them for you, all in one place at a much lower cost than they can be obtained separately.

Note. You will need to populate the details of these Business Essentials in your BCD Syndicate Software when you begin to build your Business Credit and are ready to generate the expected results.

Below are the products and services that are included in this package:

Business Toll Free Number (unlimited inbound calls)
Website Builder
Website Hosting
Website SSL Certificate
Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
Auto Dialer
Online Appointments
Paypal Buy Now or Donate Button
24/7 call in Support

Additionally, active Associate Members of participating in our BCD Syndicate program receive the following other products free of Charge:

Business email address
G-meet Video Conferencing
Google Docs (like word)
Google Sheets (like excel)
Google Drive Storage
Calendar makes all these products and services available to you for only $49.92 / month. No contract necessary. reserves its right to change these prices, or add or remove products from these lists without notice.

Visit our BCD website at for more details on how to purchase this Business Essentials Package. Please Note: You will need to purchase a Domain (URL) to run your website and email address. Domains are NOT included in this package. You can purchase your Domain on our website. Prices and availability do vary.

Contact me for more information. Thousands of Associates have already joined us at

I look forward to welcoming you to our team!