Loan Limits 580+ Credit Scores


Credit Supplements for less than 680 Credit Scores helps Homebuyers with 580 Credit Scores, Nevertheless, all Down Payment Assistance Recipients who onboard with less than 680 Credit Scores are required to enroll in our Credit Supplement Program before they are assigned to one of our Preferred Lenders.

Credit Supplements services are used to insert and report Alternative Credit History in your Credit Report such as Rental Payment History, Utilities, Cable, Mobile Phone Payments, Car Insurance, etc., which can significantly increase Credit Scores. Higher Credit Scores means lower interest rates, higher loan amounts, and ultimately better Terms and Conditions for your mortgage loan.

The Processing Department of the selected Preferred Lender monitors the Homebuyer's progress with said Credit Supplements service provider; this is typically a 2 - 3 weeks process. After that, will attempt to assist all Homebuyers regardless of what results come back from the Credit Supplement service providers.


  1. cannot and does not guarantee the services of any of its Credit Supplements Service Providers, 
  2. The Cost of Credit Supplements is paid directly to selected Credit Supplement Service Providers out of Buyer's own Funds, 
  3. The cost of reporting Utilities, cable, Mobile Phones, or car insurance payment history is $36.00 each, your Lender will enroll you. 
  4. The cost of reporting 2 Years of Rental History is $145.00 per person or $170.00 with a spouse. Homebuyers enroll themselves below.

    Prices are subject to change without notice.

    Click Here to Report 2 Years of Rental History - Build credit without taking on new debt
           • 2 Years Rental History - Individual      ($145.00)
           • 2 Years Rental History - With spouse ($170.00)

    *** Credit Supplements are different from Credit Repair
    *** Credit Repair Services may be necessary and are offered on the next menu for homebuyers with less than 580 credit scores.

Build Credit without taking on New Debt